Monday, January 27, 2014

Vlad Putin and the Chinese Commies Are Licking Their Chops

I don't watch Girls, but I am entertained by round-table recaps about how horrible the people are.

If I'm Vlad Putin or the Communist Chinese, I'm just licking my chops at American decline.  They don't need to do a thing, just let this generation of people grow up.  They'll piss away the centuries long experiment of America, spend every cent of savings, indebt any future generation if they can even manage to have children, make negative scientific process, piss off every ally around the world, and just generally ensure our immiseration.

This is HBO, our premium cable channel, for the "elite" customers.  Per the article, I actually think Taylor Swift gets it right "casual cruelty under the guise of truth-telling."  Maybe there is hope for the future.

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