Saturday, January 25, 2014


Film:  August: Osage County

Does this director watch movies?  The camera positioning is noticeably poor.

Also, I've seen this play and watching the film is a good lesson on the difference between language in plays and language in films.  Great theater language can easily come across as poofy and false in movies.  The camera sees too much.

Book:  How Wars Are Won: 13 Rules of War

Loved this book.  A great primer on military history and strategy.  Reading this book, I'm dumbfounded by how little contemporary Americans think and talk about military history.  First of all, many of these major Generals completely shaped modern history.  The battle of Hastings, the Battle of Trafalgar, Sherman's March to the Sea, Vicksburg, the American campaign of Island hopping in the Pacific, Mao's conquest of China and fight against Americans in the Korean War, just to name a handful.  I'm pretty sure most of my contemporaries could talk about every movie Spike Jonze has ever directed, and at the same time, couldn't explain in the most basic terms what happened in the Korean War.  Isn't that just absurd?  Are we filling our minds with all the wrong kind of information?  Methinks so, especially in the digital age.  READ A BOOK!

TV:  True Detective Ep. 1 and 2

Really enjoyed the 2nd episode.

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