Monday, August 29, 2016


If this is true and a distant space signal indicates a civilization vastly more technologically advanced civilization than our own, I would say we need to start figuring out ways to hide.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Even I Underestimated The Stupidity of Kaepernick

I thought he would only ruin the 49ers. Looks like he's going to ruin the NFL with politicizing an area - sports - which people watch to AVOID politics.
A Mom Takes Down Kap

On Twitter.

If I were the Niners, I would've cut him yesterday. He's too much of a distraction and not good enough.

Sits for the National Anthem to protest racial inequality. Notice something about the timing of this. This is a personal reaction to Kaepernick's career plummeting fast. Here is a great example of how millennials confuse personal neuroticism and immaturity with political issues.

Kap is a basketcase and unloved by his teammates. He does not work hard to learn the craft of being a QB. He is stubborn and when faced with challenges to his decision making, doubles down on excuses. He is immature. His protest, IMO, is a personal reaction to assign blame for his personal and professional failures and frustrations elsewhere. BLM is simply a vehicle for that. And by the way -- that's what all these alt-left and alt-right movements are at their core.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Millenials Not Buying Houses

Any reason beyond: 1) Housing is more expensive and 2) Millenials don't make much money or have job security is what one can properly call bullshit.
Ivy League - Grandiosity and Depression

An interesting article, much of which I suspect is correct. I look at it from a bit of a different angle -- I work in film and there's no shortage of Ivy Leaguers doing the same. But I look at the great filmmakers and writers in the world, the people I truly admire, and a shocking few come from the Ivy League. Given the Ivy League's estimation of itself vs. tangible accomplishment, I'd say they score pretty low. Perhaps the theory expressed in the article goes part of the way to explain.

For U Chicago.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Never Cry Wolf

Yep. How liberal pundits made Trump possible.
His convention was called “one of the worst ever.” Chris Matthews deemed him “dangerous” and “scary,” Ellen DeGeneres said “If you’re a woman, you should be very, very scared.” His opponent ran an ad against him portraying him as uniquely dangerous for women. “I’ve never felt this way before, but it’s a scary time to be a woman,” said a woman in the ad. He was frequently called a “bully,” “anti-immigrant,” “racist,” “stupid,” and “unfit” to be president.  
I’m referring, obviously, to the terrifying Mitt Romney.