Saturday, April 29, 2017

This Is Just Weird

Obama considered gayness?

I suppose I'm supposed to be open minded about this sort of thing...and say, it's pretty normal to be confused sexually when young, etc, etc, but it should say something about progressive culture that is more acceptable to "consider" gayness than to "consider" registering as a Republican.

It fits with the narrative that Obama is glamor spell.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ann Coulter Not Allowed

A liberal mob now determines what can be heard at UC Berkeley.

Everyone who refuses to stand up to these folks are cowards.

A Portland parade canceled because of protester threats to - get this - Republicans.

This is what happens when you capitulate to fools.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Most Influential

Kaepernick voted top 100 most influential people. Hmmm. Maybe top 100 of the most influential unemployed people.

When I type Kaepernick in google, I come up with all these stories about his donations to charity. Please be aware, people, these stories are planted by his publicists.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Toss 'Em

I'm no fan of CMC, my alma mater's arch rival, but at least the college prez will punish those who would stop free speech.

It'd be great to take a strong stance on these things.
License to Offend

He suggests moral philosophers and comedians deserve one. I'd say all Americans do.
Imagine writing with the worry in the back of your mind, “If I get this wrong, my colleagues will say I’m evil, ostracize me, and try to get an Internet mob to come after me.” I don’t see much progress being made in an atmosphere like that, and, incidentally, it sure doesn’t seem to me like the departments where people are quick to take offense are the places publishing ground-breaking work.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Becoming Antifragile

Taleb. Great stuff.

IMO, several antifragile moves an individual can make:

Financial -

1) Hold WAY more cash than you think you need. Should the market crash, or some type of financial opportunity arises, it's good to be able to take advantage of it.

2) Diversify your assets. This doesn't just mean diversity in stocks. I mean, own a variety of things that maintain or go up in value - stocks, bonds, jewelry, home, cash, tools. I'm open to other ideas. Remember, this is not to maximize return or wealth, but to become antifragile.

3) Keep stock assets in a variety of tax positioned accounts, ie post-tax, roth ira, pre-tax. Situations may arise where you can take advantage. For example, you might need to buy a new car or decide to buy a new roof. Better to take that money from post-tax rather than deal with messing with an IRA.

3) Eliminate all debt.

4) Keep your monthly nut as low as possible, but feel free to indulge in one-off purchases because they can be eliminated. This means aim low on rent and not having car payments, basically.

5) Get insurance to avoid catastrophe, but don't overbuy. (ancedote: I drive an old car and was re-upping my car insurance and realized, I really just need the basic collision because if I get into an accident, the car won't be worth repairing. So...rather than overbuy insurance, just hold cash for the eventual purchase of a new car)

Social Life

1) Keep a variety of friends in different regions of the country / globe. Never know when you'll need to move or would like to visit.

2) Keep different circles of friends. Should one circle disappoint or break up, you will have others to fall back upon.

3) Have a mix of close friends, sort of close friends, and acquaintances. Should you find yourself lacking close friends, try and turn some sort of close friends into close friends. Should you find yourself lacking sort of close friends, try turning some acquaintances into sort of close friends. It sounds mercenary, but this is actually a good idea.

4) Develop and cultivate a variety of activities one enjoys, ie garden, play soccer, hiking, playing cards/games, weigh lifting, wood working, etc.

5) Always be putting yourself in position to meet new people.


1) Get two or three jobs instead of one. (if you lose one job, or it doesn't pay enough, you can concentrate on the others)

2) Develop multiple employable skills. (if one falls out of fashion or becomes obsolete, you are not stuck)

3) Produce property or goods that you own and can be sold. Try and develop ways to earn money that don't require additional labor per unit. (your wages aren't exclusively tied to your labor, but you can make passive income)

4) Get married to someone else with all the above mentioned qualities.


1) Have more children as opposed to fewer children.

2) Stay in good touch with extended family and participate in their lives.

Creative Projects

1) Work on a number of projects at one time. But a huge caveat, I'd add to this from my own experience: Always keep one in first position and focus on completing that to full task. Be outlining, or planning numerous others in different stages. You can run into the problem of trying to do too much at one time just as easily as you can put all your eggs in one basket.

2) Work in different forms.

3) Always be paying attention to others working and try to improve on it.

4) Work within a tradition.

Yikes. He nails the sanctimonious liberals for critiquing Trump's refugee policy. "All due respect, we don't want to be refugees, we want our country. Where were your protests when Assad was killing thousands in 2013 (paraphrase)."

Book: Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite

TV: Big Little Lies

Companion pieces about the American upper/upper middle classes headed toward widespread sociopathology. The interesting point about both is not simply the problem with education, but how the problems with our education system are impacting our society and souls.
Syria Missiles

Unfortunately, I've seen this movie before. And I see why our establishment does it. It's the safe thing to do. Ironically. No American lives at risk. No costly involvement. Get to look morally tough. Something everyone can get behind. A classic Bill Clinton-esque move. And to my mind, the most disappointing thing Trump has done thus far. He's supposed to be this maverick free-thinker. I thought we had no vital national security in Syria or the Middle East. We've done this world policeman act before. That said, I hope it works, although I don't exactly know what working looks like in Syria.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

I Wonder Why

Enrollment at Mizzou shrinks, closing dorms.

This is what happens when you start letting the lunatics run the asylum.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

He Put Himself In A Position to be Blackballed

Chris Carters speaks some truth.
Genius Pepsi Ad

Pepsi is pulling their video ad from the airwaves because it of course offended people by trivializing protest.

Of course, only because of the outrage, did I (or most anyone else) look at the ad.

I'd call that brilliant.


No whites allowed at BLM.

Groups like these never seem to grasp irony.
Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Facebook diversity demands for their outside law firms that Facebook does not meet.

This is rather common pathology for limousine liberal political agendas. They want others to pay more taxes, others to pay for more healthcare, others to absorb illegal immigrants. I often hear liberals talk about a moral duty to take in Syrian refugees, for example. But I never hear the same people offer these Syrian refugees a job, places to live, or invite their children to attend the same schools as their children. But someone else definitely should.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Why Kap Doesn't Have A Job

Instead of waxing all the political bs, why doesn't someone ask Michael Crabtree?

And as for the argument that the Niners are a dysfunctional organization and Kap would do better elsewhere -- only partially true. One the reasons they're dysfunctional is Kaepernick and his uneven, unpredictable play that will only work with a top defense and top offensive line.