Friday, June 24, 2016


I suppose when all the spoils of economic integration go to upper and upper middle classes, you can expect the rest of the folks to be against it. No one's figured out how to get globalization to actually trickle down and I see more of these type of movements happening around the globe.

Also, is this how World Wars start?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Faith Left

A nice story about random plane passengers supporting a grieving grandmother.

I teach. And I hear a lot about these insane, coddled students in the media. But in my experience, most students aren't like that. Not even close. When you talk to people, it's shocking how rational, friendly, kind, and smart most Americans are. You wouldn't know it to read the papers or to view our national political discourse. So here's the thing - I have a lot of faith in our people, still. What I have nearly zero faith in these days is our political system working on behalf of our people. There's some type of enormous disconnect. Our problems are solvable. I don't even think they are particularly difficult compared to problems other human beings faced throughout history. Nevertheless, they remain unsolved. Islamic terrorism shouldn't be this difficult to defeat. We must decide to do it. Reigning in the national debt isn't even hard - all we need to do is spend less than we make. It's actually quite simple. I could go on.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Is this LA or America?

Today, I paid $5 each for a coffee and a full chicken (Costco).

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


I'd expect this is one of biggest low hanging fruits in America today: how improving teaching craft would impact the students.
In many countries the way to get ahead in a school is to move into management. Mr Fryer says that American school districts “pay people in inverse proportion to the value they add”. District superintendents make more money than teachers although their impact on pupils’ lives is less. Singapore has a separate career track for teachers, so that the best do not leave the classroom. Australia may soon follow suit.

Tough to Dispute

"If terrorist doesn't represent all Muslims, why does he represent all gun owners."

Monday, June 13, 2016

Islamic Terror

I haven't done any type of analysis, but my impression is that since we left Iraq in 2011 the size and scope of attacks against the West has increased.

Similarly, it was the time of "peace" in the Middle East when the original Al Queda grew into the group that took down the twin towers.

Rather than endlessly bickering about the legitimacy of removing Saddam, the western world would've been better off figuring out how to win the war.
Interesting and Weird

After Orlando, gay support goes to Trump.

The frustration with political correctness is real, but so is the fact that Trump sees himself as a monarch.

Also, file this under more evidence Trump can win.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Very Bad Sign

Births in the US were down to the lowest rate EVER in 2015. Check out the chart on the article and births have been in decline ever since the Great Recession.

And then there's this: we're richer than ever (because of inflated asset prices).

So what's the verdict? Are we poor and uncertain about the future and thus not having babies? Or, are we richer than ever and declining birthrates have to do with something other than economics.

Here's a theory: older, non-birthing aged adults are reaping the money from inflated asset prices (stocks and homes) at the expense of birthing aged adults.

A nice article (ironically, British) about how McDonald's provides a cheap space for communities to gather. If I had to guess, I'd say McDonald's brings more joy and well being for the poor and lower middle classes than any non-profit in America.