Sunday, January 12, 2014

Brave?  No...

One of my biggest issues not with Lena Dunham, but rather the critical reception to Lena Dunham, is the idea of her nudity being "brave."

I hear this mantra ad naseum.  I see her nudity as attention-seeking, no different than Paris Hilton releasing a sex tape.  And both successfully achieved their aim.

People call Lena brave because she is overweight.  But what does this have to do with bravery?  Is Chris Christie brave because he's an overweight governor?  Would he be brave if he posed, Vlad Putin-like, without his shirt?  No.

The nudity is of the gross-out look-at-me variety, the same thing some immature 6-year olds are achieving when they pull down their pants and show the world their wi-wi's.  I've never heard a New York critic watch something like this and consider the act brave.  Then again, maybe if they showed it on HBO...

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