Sunday, January 19, 2014


The New York Film critics are a bunch of cowards.  Anyone with a set of balls out to quit the group in protest of kicking White out.

Key quotes of the article:
In Mr. White’s view, the expulsion was symptomatic of what he sees as a group in decline, beholden to studios that help foot the dinner’s bill and reviewers who are unwilling, if not unable, to criticize films as eruditely as he can — and thus they are jealous and vindictive. In the last few days, he has publicly likened the group to “Mean Girls” and identified “enemies” who, he says, worked to successfully kick him, the unpopular kid, out.  
“It’s an incestuous clubhouse of friends,” he said over breakfast the other day, “not people who made their bones as journalists or critics.”
When I was in college, our student newspaper was taken over by a group of friends and the content was complete garbage.  They had student journalists making up quotes for articles.  Seriously.  Making up quotes.  I caught them in the act and was asked by an editor to write a "Letter to the Editor."  I refused.  You can't have a polite disagreement or discussion with a dishonorable publication.  The paper didn't meet the basic decency of journalism.  I thought this was unique to immature, pretentious college kids.  Turns out those type of kids are not adults and behaving the same way in the world of art criticism.  If you don't think these people deserve some of the blame for the "decline of movies" you would be foolish.

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