Sunday, January 05, 2014

Insane Football

Got home after a wedding last night and watched the Chiefs-Colts game.  Wild stuff.  In the second half, the Chiefs defense didn't make a single stop of the Colts.  They got two interceptions, but literally could not make them punt.  And the Colts, I think, only made one fourth down.

That is getting dominated.  And horrible coaching.  The Colts were throwing on them with ease for the most part.  They barely could get pressure on Luck.  Why not put in 8 defensive backs and make the Colts run?  At least that would have chewed up clock.  Why not blitz Luck more often if your regular guys couldn't put pressure on him?  Just horrible strategic, in game, decision making.

Alex Smith was awesome.  378 yards, 4 TDs, No Ints.  Missed a pass toward the end and the strip sack was bad, but losing their best player on the first drive and then putting up 44 points.  Are you kidding?  What a strange game.

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