Saturday, December 30, 2006

Eureka, I've Found It!

Games Empire in Pasadena. Nerdfest will commence.
Like the Quest For Bin Laden

My quest to find a new Member's Only Jacket has thus far failed. I've looked in hipster stores, used stores, and online. I really don't want to buy a grungey old jacket. I feel like I won't wear it. I want a new member's only - beige, light blue, or grey. But I don't think I can find it other than used and even that, only online. I find it very difficult to purchase clothes online because how do you know if they will fit?

The quest will continue, however, I am not going to spend much extra time on it.
The Dog Whisperer

Some of these dogs have the most bizarre problems. One dog tonight couldn't walk on any shiny surfaces because he had injured himself months before by running around on shiny surfaces and slamming into a glass wall. The dog was huge - 160 lbs and absolutely refused to enter this school with linoleum floors. The owner needed to take the dog to school on certain days and so in comes the dog whisperer. As usual, the dog whisperer spends a little bit of time with the dog, becomes the "pack leader" and shows the dog how to behave and the dog gets over his phobia.

I realized in watching this show...we should should send the dog whisperer to Iraq. He could, probably in a short amount of time, figure out the psychological dysfunction of the country and get in back on track. Anyway, he could probably do a better job than the current situation.

Don't scoff. This isn't the worst idea.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Man of the Year

Since I (and everyone else) won Time's Man of the Year this year, I would like to donate my award to Tony Blair. He hasn't been in the news much this year, but it's a long overdue award for the most articulate politician of our time and one of the few politicians I honestly admire.

For those with an interest in the Iraq and the war on terror, he has a must read piece in this Foreign Affairs.

Money quote:

This ideology has to be taken on -- and taken on everywhere. Islamist terrorism will not be defeated until we confront not just the methods of the extremists but also their ideas. I do not mean just telling them that terrorist activity is wrong. I mean telling them that their attitude toward the United States is absurd, that their concept of governance is prefeudal, that their positions on women and other faiths are reactionary. We must reject not just their barbaric acts but also their false sense of grievance against the West, their attempt to persuade us that it is others and not they themselves who are responsible for their violence.

Imagine how easy it would be for Blair to come out against the Iraq war and to criticize Bush. If he used his incredible articulation AGAINST the American project in Iraq he would be lionized as a hero - both in Europe and in the United States, by liberals and "realist" conservatives. But he hasn't. Because he's got courage and conviction. And that's why he's my man of the year. Close second: Frank Gore, running back on the 49ers.

Update: Another money quote...

In my nine years as prime minister, I have not become less idealistic or more cynical. I have simply become more persuaded that the distinction between a foreign policy driven by values and one driven by interests is wrong. Globalization begets interdependence, and interdependence begets the necessity of a common value system to make it work. Idealism thus becomes realpolitik.

The debate in America centers around the idea of "interest." Both sides claim Iraq is either not in our immediate interest or is key to our interests. But Blair frames the debate differently. He says clearly foreign policy should be dictated by values which are inseparable from interests.

I love American pragmatism. It is the greatest (and maybe only) addition to Western philosophy by America. We are a nation of pragmatists and I think it has a large part to do with our riches and our upstanding image in the world. But I think we give our values, at times, short shrift. American's won't stand for injustice and lies. And we forget that in some societies - particularly those in the Middle East - we are dealing with places where 2+2=5. Lying is embedded in the political culture. It is why so many Iraqis initially did not believe Uday and Qusay were dead. Now they know they are. As is Saddam.

It's hard to be happy about seeing a man die. But I hope it gives pause to Mubarack, Ahminijabad, Assad, and company, who can now see an alternative to their flimsy grasp of power. I hope they add the calculus of Saddam's fate into their own decision making. And I hope it makes Iraq heal.
Welcome Back

Decided to take a break from blogging over the xmas. But with the Giant's signing Barry Zito and Saddam Hussein about to get the noose, who can resist?

Also upcoming will be an essay on film school and what one can hope to get out of it, now that I'm a graduate.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Next Script

I am finishing my spy thriller, starting my suburban thriller comedy, but after that, my next big budget script will be about private security firms.

Put it up on IMDB.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


If she were a really good Miss USA she'd say, "I don't apologize about drinking - I'm Miss USA for goddsake and the drinking age being 21 is ridiculous."

And you know what? Most people would agree with her.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Don't Kid Yourself

The Saudi's are not and never will be our friends. Our relationship with them is for mutual convenience, but they are not to be trusted - ever.

This is why. It is an article written by Aayan Hirsi Ali in the LA Times Oped entitled: Why the deny the Holocaust.

She asks a perfectly reasonable question:

"What's striking about Ahmadinejad's conference is the (silent) acquiescence of mainstream Muslims. I cannot help but wonder: Why is there no counter-conference in Riyadh, Cairo, Lahore, Khartoum or Jakarta condemning Ahmadinejad? Why are the 57 members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference silent on this?

Could the answer be as simple as it is horrifying: For generations, the leaders of these so-called Muslim countries have been spoon-feeding their populations a constant diet of propaganda similar to the one that generations of Germans (and other Europeans) were fed — that Jews are vermin and should be dealt with as such? In Europe, the logical conclusion was the Holocaust. If Ahmadinejad has his way, he shall not want for compliant Muslims ready to act on his wish."

I don't think the contemporary Muslim world quite reflects Germany circa 1933. First off, not a single Muslim country is a world military power like Germany. Even Pakistan is a second or third tier is Turkey. But the current world situation is no less scary if only because it's just as hard to play. Fighting Germany is like a poker opponent with a little smaller stack. Playing against Germany and Japan would be like playing against two fairly rational opponents with medium sized stacks. Playing against Islamic fundamentalists is like playing against twently crazy men who barely know the rules each with a small stack. You can beat most of them, but the odds tell you that some of them will win sometimes.
Go Gays!

This is awesome.

I'd march in solidarity with them.
Chocolate Truffles

I forgot the gluttony that goes on at regular offices. I drop by work today to find a little bag of gourmet truffles. I'm bored and I take one. I'm not really a big candy fan. Or sweets in general. I liked them fine, but wouldn't even really spend the money to buy myself sweets because to me, they generally aren't worth the cost. (Although a good chocolate croissant is a nice afternoon snack - heated up). I take candy only when it's offered for free.

So, case in point...I snag a truffle. Mmm. Good. No surprise. Truffles are yummy. I go back to my seat. Maybe I should get another. I go back to the little kitchen and grab two more. I eat them as I walk away. Goddammit man, if this isn't the best truffle I've ever eaten. My fingers are dark brown with truffle powder and I lick them.

I go back again.

An office mate sees me. "Are these the best truffles you've ever had?" I ask.

"They're good."

"Damn right."

I eat two more and am thinking of going back for more.

"Who is this leader of men?"

"Lemon - do you know why Jack Welch is the greatest leader since the pharohs?"

"You weigh 127 pounds."

Friday, December 15, 2006

Palestinian Civil War

We read a lot about Iraq decending into civil war, but after Israel left Gaza, Palestinians have been killing each other for control.

But it's not as newsworthy because Palestinian lives aren't an issue to anyone unless Israel is the perpetrator. Okay, fine, that was a cheap shot. But is it wrong?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Smith and Gore

Gore looked worn out and tired from a long season until the 4th quarter, when the beast came alive and rushed for 104 yards...most of which were done on while holding a slim lead. I've never in my life seen a Niners team that's been able to take care of a slim lead by ball possession. Even in our glory days, it was all about the pass attack and we always had trouble putting away teams in close games. This is a first.

Smith played like a man tonight. The best play was a scramble he made to the end zone that ended up getting called back on a penalty. This guy dives shoulders first like a RB, not a QB.

He looked like a leader and winner tonight. I'll take him.
Are They Kidding?

Do they really think Al Queda needs an excuse to attack us. If they could, they would.
Where's Gloria Allred?

I want some money from Rosie. How dare she mock my country folk.

This is a pretty good analysis of what we're involved with. Iraq was an attempt to prevent it and right now it's looking like failure. Cooler heads will not prevail. What reason do have to believe it anymore.

Oh well.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I like Wilson Racquets a lot and here is fun site to read about their line of racquets.

Here is fun site to find the Wilson racquet that fits you.

Sorry for the Wilson ad here....but hell, Federer uses them.

I was getting my racquet restrung today and I was telling the guy I really like my racquet but was thinking of getting the new version (so I could have two for friends and when I break a string), he pointed it out to me but said the version I have is the best version Wilson ever made of the racquet - it was the perfect weight he said, afterwards they made the newer versions too light. Cool.

Sullivan is a much better writer and thinker when he's calm.

Hell, maybe we all are.

***A side note - what drives one to write? I've read that anger fuels comedy. What fuels writing? I suppose having something to say...but what fuels having something to say? I know most writers talk about how writing isn't so much a choice, but an urge. It might be said of a writer, it is someone who cannot NOT write.

And although I've always hated that notion - because it is absurd - from a scientific or biological standpoint (what if say, you were never taught to read?), it makes some sense.

A study proves gay men have bigger penises.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Gone Too Far

The conservative blogosphere has gone too far. They're making fun of Alec Baldwin. I won't accept it. He is the greatest actor working today.
What's Worse?

That this is a headline on CNN or that I've blogged about it.

Headline: Lohan: I haven't had a drink in a week.

No wonder Al Jazeera is so popular.
More Racism

"Contemporary racism is not conscious, and it is not accompanied by dislike, so it gets expressed in indirect, subtle ways," he said.

This article reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when Kramer gets a deli slicer. He says to Elaine, "I once sliced a piece so thin, I couldn't even see it."

We're all racist, we just don't know it or show it.
More Racism

"Contemporary racism is not conscious, and it is not accompanied by dislike, so it gets expressed in indirect, subtle ways," he said.

It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when Kramer gets a deli slicer. He says to Elaine, "I once sliced a piece so thin, I couldn't even see it." Elaine replies, "How did you know you sliced it?"

"I just assumed."

We're all racist, we just don't know it or show it.

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Niners

I really like watching them this year because they express so much potential. Gore and Smith are in their second year. Davis is a rookie. Are you kidding? These guys have the potential to be awesome. But as a team, they are no good. Without a pass rush, an NFL team sucks. And the Niners defense, which plays with heart at times, fundamentally sucks.

And the offense is interesting. It's one of the few offenses that I don't think is very good, but has a running game. Usually, with a running game, an NFL team is good. But the Niners don't seem able to string it all together. Once in awhile, they do, and I'm like - these guys belong in the playoffs. But 75% of the time, they look like shit.

Anyhow, this is the first time in years I can watch because there is hope.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Click on it to see it big.
Now This Is A Reason To Move to Canada

When it's not a time of war, I don't have such a huge problem with idiots in the government...I should...but I don't.

But when it is a time of war and we have idiots heading our Intelligence committees in congress. Eeee, gawd...

Let me repeat: the new head of the intelligence committee in the house does not know whether Al Queda is a Sunni or Shia organization.

I'm over democracy...

Ah, yes, Battleship can bring out the worst in people.

Chapelle is a genius..."If you're an American, you're a racist. I'm a racist. You know how I know? Because the other day, I found myself being racist against myself. It's true. Somebody was complaining about a department store not having a black Santa Claus and I agreed with the department store. I wasn't ready for a black Santa Claus. It's too much. We wouldn't be getting our Christmas presents 'til the 28th, 29th..."

He's too funny.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Classic Films

A schedule of classic films in LA this next month.

Must see: Rules of the Game at the Nuart, Nick Ray night at Egyptian.

Iraq Study Group

Okay, so I've read most of it now. What I don't understand is why the study group believes that Iran and Syria have an interest in a stable Iraq. They rightly point out both Iran and Syria are currently de-stabilizing Iraq. If they had an interest in a stable Iraq, why are they currently de-stabilizing it?

It's called wishful thinking.

UPDATE: All right, well this makes a little bit of sense.

Friday, December 08, 2006

The End of the Old World

Melissa sees this as a sign of the apocalypse.

I'm more inclined to be worried about this statistic: no civilization has ever recovered from a birth rate being lower than 1.3 children per woman. That is to say, in the course of human history, any civilization whose birthrate got lower than 1.3, has never had a demographic recovery and been able to replace itself. Over time, the math works itself out and the population ceases to exist when people don't replace themselves with children.

Right now, in 17 European nations, the birthrate has dipped to below this rate.

Now, I am not a europhile. I mock the French, didn't have a great experience in England, got mugged in Prague, found Spanish food gross, and don't like the sound of German. But I'm not so sure I'm excited about a future without any French people. Sure, France, the landmass will exist...but France is more than that, it is a culture with a history. These people invented brie for chrissake. Brie. And fellatio. I've yet to see similar accomplishments from a Muslim country. And right now, on the streets of France at nighttime, it is the young Muslims who populate. This is the future. Now, this wouldn't be an inherent problem if it wasn't for the trouble with Muslim assimilation in Europe and if we didn't care about French culture.

And maybe it's a little embarassing to admit being a freedom fry lover and all, but I don't want to see the French go away. I like Paris, dammit. And this country produced Jean Renior, Andre Bazin, and Jean Luc Godard.

So if you need a reason to have it is: to preserve Western Civilization.

Thanks Alice and Kevin for beginning to do your part.

Update: In the Netherlands, native Dutch people have a net emigration rate. That is, more native dutch are leaving the country than being born. Of course, they can't come to the US because our legal immigration process doesn't work, so they go to New Zealand and Australia.
Economics of Take Out

I hardly ever cook. A friend of mine and my sisters express surprise. Aren't you a poor grad student? How can you afford to eat out all the time?

Today is a perfect example. I went to the store the other day and bought food. This morning, I was running a bit late, but since I had the food, decided to make myself a quick breakfast. Toasted sourdough, avocado, and bacon sandwich. I ate it with a glass of OJ and read news on the internet.

Normally, when I come to the temp job, I pick up a breakfast sandwich or bagel from the place downstairs and eat it when I come up to work. I'm guessing, all things considered, making the breakfast caused me to lose 1/2 hour coming here, but saved me $5 or so.

Since I get paid $17 an hour, I ended up losing $8.50 for my 1/2 hour to save $5 (minus the sunk cost on buying the food - although my bfast sandwich was better than the one downstairs). So I actually lost money by making my own breakfast, according to my calculations.

When you make your own hours, which 90% of my current jobs allow me to do, you really start to realize the value of your time.
Gimme A Break, Sullivan

I'm really annoyed with the self-righteousness of habeaus corpus and rights of terrorism suspects. Sullivan is the king of it. In above linked post a reader talks about the founders crying in heaven.

Do you remember what happened to Loyalists during the American Revolution? Tarred. Feathered. Lynched.

Captured traitors? Strung up on trees. No trials. No judge. No jury. Alex Hamilton, the founder most wary of the mob, expressed great admiration for George Washington's swift justice he handed down at the end of a rope upon discovered traitors in the Continental Army.

We all rightly fear an Orwellian state, but lots not kid ourselves about terrorism suspects. They are the enemy. They are people who are trying to kill us and we caught them before they succeeded. Will some innocent people be suspects? Yes. Will it be unfair? Yes. But welcome to the world. Innocent people get convicted of crimes. Does that mean we disband the police and the justice system?

Get a grip and read a little history and let's figure out how to win, not how to lose.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


The realization is dawning that I must find a real job, a job that will allow me to take care of myself and not need to call the parents for cash. I am a man, for chrissake!

My first attempt: adding google ads to my blog.

The parents are not relieved.
Why An Atheist Get's Me to Say Amen!

Chris Hitchens on the banning of the N-word.
The Dentist

Riffing off of Alice's trip to the dentist...

It was my second trip to my new LA dentist, but the first time I met the dentist herself and got the full check up.

Something very unnerving about visiting a new dentist, especially because Dr. Bellinger is the only dentist I've ever had. Tear. Needless to say, I was very comfortable with him, despite the fact that he didn't use gloves sometimes. (He washed his hands, okay, and he was old, and I trusted him).

So I'm checking out the digs of this new dentist, trying gauge whether I've wandered into some phony dentist who more rightly belonged in Little Shop of Horrors. The hygenist acted as though she knew what she was doing and used the water spik instead of the scraper. She did not compliment my teeth (like my old dentist used to) and instead said I needed to floss more because my gums bled a lot. They had lots of high tech stuff computer stuff, like a dvd player and digital xrays and a computerized scheduling system all right in the office. Of course, all this high tech stuff made me suspicious - my old dentist didn't need this and he did just fine. These nuevo-dentists and their fancy gadgets. What happened to just good old braces and polishing?

So I'm getting my teeth scrubbed away thinking there's no way I'd be able to handle torture and another hygenist comes in reminding my current hygenist that she needs to take pictures of my teeth.

"Oh, no." I think. "I don't want to be one of the pictures on the wall. Pleeease, no."

But I have no say in the matter. I am escorted into another room and asked to hold these plastic contraptions to stretch my lips and expose my teeth. I do so while this other hygenist snaps a digital photo of my teeth. I see myself in the mirror holding my lips open and this weird lady taking photos and me and suddenly realize I must have stumbled into some fake dentist internet company who publishes fetish pictures of mouths on the internet. I am scared.

The "dentist" comes in because the hygenist is having some type of trouble with the digital camera and starts to assist her. Meanwhile, my mouth is stretched open. The next set of shots require a mirror being shoved into my throat to get an angle on my teeth. Because I must breathe, the mirror fogs, but not so long as the hygenist uses her can of cool spray to counteract my breathing on the mirror. Imagine me, holding my lips wide open, a women shoving a mirror down my throat and spraying some type of cool, compressed air on the mirror, and the third women acting like a set photographer and you get the idea.

What kind of perverse world had I fallen into? This is unnecessary. My old dentist never took digital pictures of my teeth. I remember Andy's story of his childhood soccer coach who took pictures of all the players on the team to "remember names." Later, he was convicted of child molestation.

Could I take these two women if had to? Certainly not with the mirror shoved down my throat. One strong punch and it would've been death for Greg.

Finally the picture session was over and common sense got ahold of me. Why would these people go through this elaborate set up to take pictures of my teeth and put them on the internet? They are probably legit. You've been in LA too long. You're going crazy. You need to trust people more. That's why you don't have a girlfriend.

"Okay, so now we need to take you picture in our picture studio."


"Stand up there against the wall."


"For our file."

I stand up against the wall. Next to me is a movie poster for a Hepburn and Tracy movie. I smile crookedly.

"You've got nice teeth."
Using our Power

My biggest problem with the War on Terror is that we don't seem to be using a lot of our potential power. We're spending money, that's clear. And our military is stretched thin. But America, as a whole, isn't sacrificing. There are no comprehensive programs to allow us to do so.

I don't have any proposals.
Lindsay Lohan

Another Blackberry message gone public. I knew all this written communication was going to come back to haunt people. Imagine the first time a president of our generation gets elected and they go back and read his/her old email. Yipes!

I've made the public offer to help Lindsay Lohan on her quest to refocus people's energy onto the real problems of the world. I just don't have her email address or phone number or anything. But just so she knows, she can feel free to contact me via my blog comment section anytime.
And What If That Doesn't Work?

Sullivan says get out or double down. Okay. At least it's a proposal. And what will he say if the double down doesn't work? He will say Bush is incompetent.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Candidate For President?

All from one man:

"I don't know anything about a lot of things, but I would ask somebody and try to make a fair, honest decision for the majority of the people. Not the rich, not the poor, not the black, not the white. When you get elected to public office, you're supposed to represent everybody. Your job is not to take care of the rich or the poor or the black or the white. Your job is to take care of everybody."

"The Republicans are full of it. The Democrats are a little less full of it."

"You shouldn't belong to a political affiliation. Everybody should be an independent. The way it is now you're hamstrung to a particular party. That's not right."

"Well, the thing that's interesting to me -- and this is like my biggest complaint with the whole political process and anybody. I'm trying to figure out -- they throw these words around like liberal, moderate, conservative. And we are like idiots. We sit here and choose sides. Man, I don't care what it is. Let's just solve these problems."

On his 17-year old daughter not dating yet: "Thank goodness. I just hope she doesn't start before I go in the Hall of Fame. That way, I won't have to kill anybody before I get inducted."

A classic '92 Dream Team quote, after the USA played Angola and Charles had elbowed an Angolan national team member in the chest. When asked about it, he responded: "I shouldn't have done that. He probably hasn't eaten in weeks."

More where came fromhere. He could put up a serious fight with Rudy.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Most Important Thing

"George Michael, what did I always say is the most important thing?"



"Oh...I thought you meant to eat."
On Friendship, the Grim Trigger Strategy, and My Nagging Wife Theory of the Anti-War Movement

I woke up today thinking about Iraq. It still burns me that France did not support us in the UN. Aren't they supposed to be our friend? And shouldn't a friend follow a friend into a fight even if it's the wrong fight? We can get into all the nuance and details of the actual situation (and the side theory that Bush wanted to go at it alone), but when it boils down to it, France should have stood by us no matter what. Because by not, they provided cover for every other country who didn't want to get their pants dirty, for Russia, China, and the entire Middle East. (did we do the same in the 1956 Suez Crisis - maybe)

Would things be different? Who knows? It might still be a mess, but it would have felt like we were in it together, rather than in it alone, and it would give us (and Iraqis) strength.

The Grim Trigger Strategy is a term from game theory when a player cooperates with his co-player until the co-player defects a single time from their cooperation. After that, the original player will never cooperate with the player again. As a real life example, if a husband cheats once, the wife leaves forever.

And speaking of current theory of the anti-war left is they adopted tactical strategies used by awful, nagging wives. Imagine coming home every night to someone who points out all your small failures, your inconsistencies, your problems, your weaknesses. Once in awhile, they'll treat you well, or make an aside, to appear fair or evenhanded. But in the end, it's a psychology of failure, designed to slowly wear down your confidence, goodness, and courage. The awful wife wants the husband to completely submit to her, knowing he is miserable and it is only she that can save him or stand him. They do it through a long, careful, arduous process of belittling, and undermining. A lifelong castration. You see men worn into little nubs after living a lifetime with a nag.

The Michael Moore's and Cindy Sheehan and Daily Kos crowd are the nagging wives of this country. They are the people who cleverly point to our failures and inconsistencies and weaknesses. "Who they hell do you think you are?" Is their favorite thing to say.

I will not submit to a nagging wife nor allow Western Civilization to do so.

I am off to watch Miami Vice, the unrated directors cut. Thank you.

QUICK UPDATE: Evidence of my nagging wife theory and the role of the news media as the shitty sister of the nagging wife who whispers ideas to the nagging wife, but pretends to be neutral.

Monday, December 04, 2006

That's What I Call Irony

I finally got around to reading Rumsfeld's proposals about Iraq, the memo he sent two days before resigning.

At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, they are actually the best concrete proposals I've read for how to deal with the obviously shitty situation.

Is a big DVD day: Miami Vice the directors cut and The Conformist.
There Is No Exit Strategy

There's no need for one. We should fight these people until they're all dead or surrender. The only question is how we can maximize the damage to them and their organizations and the people that help them. That's it. End of story.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

An Old Post

It's an old essay, but the despair is genuine and the point right.

I was reading Winston Churhill quotes this evening, trying to find a title or inspiration for a title. One that caught me, "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last." It seems to fit. A few other good ones:

"A prisoner of war is a man who tries to kill you and fails, and then asks you not to kill him."

"I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me."

"Clement Attlee is a modest man who has a good deal to be modest about."

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

"It is a fine thing to be honest, but it is also very important to be right."

"Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning."

"My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me."

"Perhaps it is better to be irresponsible and right, than to be responsible and wrong."

"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."
So What If I Watched the Tyra Banks Show?

You got a problem with that!

Beyonce was on talking about Dream Girls, JayZ, etc. Tyra asked her a good question: "What do you miss most about your life before being famous?"

Beyonce said she missed shopping at Target.

The universal pleasure of shopping at Target. A couple of my favorite shirts were purchased from Target. They're so cheap and look good. And there's something about cheap clothes that are more fun and relaxing to wear because who gives a shit what happens to them.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Now That's News!

The Iraqi Prime Minister swiveled his head and shot our President an incredulous look.


Because they're white males, they must be guilty of something.

At the very least, getting a stripper.

I sure hope they take out the bits of J-Lo's sex life from this memoir, because otherwise, it sounds really interesting.
No, This Is Hate Speech

Gloria Allred is a fat, worthless, whore. She is a bottomfeeder, a tourist, a poseur, a pig.

I think hell might need to create a new level for whatever she is.

I'm beginning to rethink the legal concept of "hate" speech. When do the costs start outweighing the benefits?
Say What I Will

Lately, I disagree and make fun of Andrew Sullivan a lot, mostly because I think he whines about foreign policy.

But the guy is a great writer, and that to me, will keep me going back to his blog. That, if it isn't clear, is one of the highest compliments I can give someone.

He talks a lot about gay issues as well, and periodically delves into a personal discussion about his generation of gay men, the generation cursed with AIDS.

I, of course, was young when AIDS first became big news and was raised open-minded enough to know it wasn't a gay disease, nor anything to be ashamed of, but simply a horrible human health issue that we should all rightly fear.

But truthfully, I've never thought too much about it because frankly, I don't know anyone whose suffered from AIDs or HIV. But when Sullivan talks about it, I understand what a horrific thing this was for a rather small community of men. This was a community forced together in large cities because there wasn't a place for gay people in small towns around the world. We all have our little communities, and these communities are vital to our human experience. I can't imagine my own personal community having to go through something like the early spread of the AIDS virus. Imagine what - a third, half, some really high percentage of your friends, your peers, all the people you know and love, walking around with this disease for which there is no cure.

Thankfully, awareness grew, and later generations of gays and straights haven't suffered as much. But there remains that generation, the city dwelling, out of the closet, gay men in early 80s, a generation cursed.

I just wish it was a little weaker or something. I've never really been into pot, it makes me all weird and paranoid and I can't sleep.

I've always said I'm not a big fan...but I'll give him credit for pissing off assholes. I can't stand people who want to be liked by everyone. And in particular I can't stand people who want to be liked by assholes as much as decent people.

So while it seems Bush is disliked by both decent people and assholes, that is no better, in my eyes than being liked by both. It's not a popularity content. Or wait a second...

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Best 30 Rock Yet

As a follow up to the below post, 30 Rock may be viewed online.

The episode was the best overall I've seen, addressing all the same issues brought up in the prior blog post...although the total, laugh out loud, one genius moment was not in this show. Perhaps the steady, consistent show is not as able to generate the single moment of genius in the same way the so-so show is...

Our problems didn't go away? But I thought the Democrats won congress and Rumsfeld is out?

So what does Andrew Sullivan now rant about? A psychoanalysis of Bush. Fine, fair, whatever, I still don't know how he proposes to actually win the war. But he's found plenty of people to blame for losing it.
I Would Like An Apology As Well

I'm offended, I'm hurt, I'm a victim, lemme get an apology and some cash, please.