Thursday, January 09, 2014


An interview with an Obamacare expert.
The problem with Obamacare is it’s product driven and not market driven. They didn’t ask the customer what they wanted. And I think that’s the fundamental problem with Obamacare. It meets the needs of very poor people because you’re giving them health insurance for free. But it doesn’t really meet the needs of healthy people and middle-class people.
And - are they really going to punish people for not purchasing insurance?  How is that going to work? Will people pay?  And remember - this will not be the 1% - or even the 10% - this will be the 90% who are getting fined for not purchasing the mandated insurance.  And you're going to throw a major penalty at them?  Does anyone think this is politically feasible?  Who is going to collect these debts?

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