Saturday, October 21, 2017


Could be the issue that loses 2020 for the Democrats. 

It was the issue that cost them 2016 and they haven't changed their tune a bit.
The most powerful thing Trump said in the campaign, I’d argue, was: “If you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country.” And the Democrats had no answer, something that millions of Americans immediately saw. They still formally favor enforcement of immigration laws, but rhetorically, they keep signaling the opposite. Here is Dylan Matthews, also in Vox, expressing the emerging liberal consensus: “Personally, I think any center-left party worth its salt has to be deeply committed to egalitarianism, not just for people born in the U.S. but for everyone … It means treating people born outside the U.S. as equals … And it means a strong presumption in favor of open immigration.” Here’s Zack Beauchamp, a liberal friend of mine: “What if I told you that immigration restrictionism is and always has been racist?” Borders themselves are racist? Seriously?
Drawing borders, or boundaries is what healthy, normal people want and need to function in life.

Friday, October 13, 2017

We Can Go Too Far

Amazing how all these brave voices are coming out of the woodwork to pile on their Harvey Weinstein horror stories.

Obviously, I'm no advocate for sexual harassment and rape, but we can go too far if we begin to imagine the purpose of Hollywood is eliminate sexism and uncomfortable sexual advances versus, selling movie and tv products. Just saying.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

NFL Players Are Confused

Yes, they have a right to kneel for the national anthem, but they do not have a right to play in the NFL. A workplace is allowed to have rules. In and Out burger flippers, I'm sure, are not allowed "freedom of expression" to convey all their political opinions to every passing by customer. The players are alienating fans and the league with a dumb, unthinking political message. Good management and ownership would nip it in the bud. The reason this has been going on so long is bad, unclear leadership. The NBA isn't having the same issue.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Sound of Silence

Would this Harvey Weinstein story be a Republican, would Hillary be this quiet?

This story is the nail in the coffin for the Clinton machine. The Democratic Party in shambles. The only question is whether Bill Clinton can somehow play defense for long enough before his own scandal breaks. I wouldn't bet on it with the way the world is going these days.

Monday, October 09, 2017


The story isn't about sexual harassment, it's about the media covering for an important Democrat.

It's not the lie, it's the cover up.
Jemele Hill

I don't know Hill, watch her show, but it strikes me that she epitomizes a strategy used by the SJW set -- attach oneself to a powerful institution, use careerist tactics to rise in the ranks, and try to use the platform/institution to get one's political point across.

Brie Larson

Tweets about getting hit on by a TSA Agent and it causes a right wing uproar for her disdain of a normal guy. Now usually I'm on the guy's side in these cases -- guys have a right to make a move on a woman. I felt Clarence Thomas and Herm Cain both were fully within their rights to assume female attention suggested the possibility of sexual interest and therefore not in violation of any social norms (or especially, laws) by taking it one step further.

BUT...we're talking about Brie Larsen, who I like. And TSA Agents, who I don't like. First of all, Brie Larsen didn't request to be in a TSA line. She didn't rub elbows every day and develop a friendly, casual banter with the TSA guy. She was trapped there, like all of us, who must travel on planes. It's a miserable, unsexual situation. They search our stuff. Force us to remove our belts and shoes. They look through our wallets. And as far as I know, they have never caught a single terrorist. Now maybe this is just the world we live in now. And I understand maybe it works as a deterrent, but we've all been in those lines. The people working them are not the sharpest tools in the shed. They are slow, often inconsiderate, and generally unpleasant to be around. I would not want to be hit on by one of them. And Brie Larsen expressing disgust about it on twitter. THAT'S WHAT TWITTER IS FOR!

The Right wing populist weirdos are adopting the norms of the oversensitive left by whining about every last thing. I support Brie Larsen's right to be disgusted by TSA Agents. I often am.
The Anthem Protests...

...Continue to get even more incoherent. Jerry Jones says his players cannot disrespect the flag. Some of his players raise a fist during the anthem. He does nothing. Is that disrespecting the flag? I don't know. He doesn't know. They don't know. Nobody knows. The Miami Dolphin coach says no more kneeling, you can stay in the tunnel, but you can't kneel. Okay. So can we expect 32 teams doing 32 different things? An article says Kaepernick will stand for the anthem, but his girlfriend goes to twitter to rebutt. His girlfriend!!! It turns out the reporter was using months old info he released through his agent because Kaepernick planned to stand during the anthem. But that was before Trump got involved.

Trump is the genius in all this. He's giving rope to the Left to hang itself.

What started as an incoherent way to protest racism has now become an incoherent way to protest...nobody really knows. Honestly, does anyone know what is being protested? What does kneeling during the anthem even mean? That the United States flag symbolizes racism? That there is systematic racism in the US that needs to stop? That the ideals of the country are racist? That Donald Trump is President? That police need to stop using excessive force? That NFL fans are racist? That Republicans are bad? That players should have free speech? That players have a right to protest? That patriotism is problematic? The point is - nobody knows - and my biggest guess is that the players protesting least of all. Because if they knew what they were talking about, it would be significantly more clear.

In any case, I like watching football this year. I don't like listening to people talk about the protests because it makes us all dumber.
Sunday Night

Football: Smith was incredible and continues an MVP year. Chiefs lost two important offensive players to injuries, though. They are getting near a breaking point, which would be terrible since they're playing so well. I think when Mike Nolan drafted Smith, this is the type of offense he imagined. Smith has never had the weapons. Never had a true #1 receiver who gets guys on their heels. Now he has one: Hill. With a great TE and and awesome new RB, and confidence, he's showing why he was a #1 pick over Rodgers in the first place.

Too bad for the Texans, losing Watt and Marcellus (sp). Because they have an exciting new team. But before everyone starts heaping on too much about Watson -- those 2-3 touchdowns toward the end of the game were a) garbage time and b) lucky. I mean, there were just a couple of hail mary type throws that the Chiefs were giving about 75% since the game was out of reach. I'd be a bit wary on anointing Watson just yet. He looked a bit Russell Wilson-y to me. Which is a complement, but I also think Wilson is a tad overrated.

The Deuce: Easily my favorite show on TV. I love it.

Curb: I laugh a few times, but it's a bit geriatric. Also, I've seen a lot of the jokes before. Love JB Smoothe, though.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Random Things

Listening to Colin Cowherd the last couple days and his co-host Kristine Leahy cannot stop rambling on about Cam Newton. I hope Cowherd can hear the sounds of dials being switched from his show. The last thing the sports radio audience wants to listen to is a shrill lecture about how it must feel to be a female reporter, blah, blah, blah. I get it. It's personal to her. She gets to bring it up once and out of courtesy, the audience can listen. But bringing up the same self pitying lecture out on every single guest and every time the topic's been said. Enough already. We get it - Cam was a jerk in a press conference. Move on. If men want to hear about how difficult it is being a women, they could watch The View, or simply ask their wives or co-workers about it. Believe me, the last thing any guy wants to hear on sports radio is a lecture about being a woman in the workplace. That's where they go to stop hearing about this stuff.

In related news, this is an interesting story about how Leftist political ideology ruined a once great school district in Minnesota. The obsession with race and identity (on either the left or right) by a group, community, or business is a canary in the coal mine - a sign of nothing good to come.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017


This article has me thinking differently about the issue. I'm generally not excited about countries breaking up.
Ratings Plunge

MNF took another double digit plunge last night, despite being an awesome game. I cord cut and don't have ESPN and went to a bar to watch the 4th quarter. Just classic, well played, tense football. By all accounts, the entire game was this way.

The NFL has a problem, but it can go away if the quality of play increases and the league figures out to handle the stupid kneeling situation.

They've mishandled it so far and so now whatever they do will be clumsy and dissatisfying. Bad leadership.