Thursday, September 21, 2017


Matt Damon advocates for public school, but sends his to private school.

Rich liberals are quick to criticize a variety of policies that don't affect them because they are insulated by wealth. Here are three:

1) gentrification
2) aggressive policing
3) immigration

Rich liberals live in places that were gentrified in the distant past. They live in places that via gentrification, design, and security measures are safe enough to not presently need aggressive policing. They live in places that new immigrants cannot afford, so it puts them in no competition for resources like jobs, schools, hospitals, etc. In fact, they probably enjoy the benefits of cheaper construction, gardening, and daycare wages driven down by competition.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Alex Smith

All the talk is how good he's playing and how he added the deep ball to his repertoire. He is playing well. Question: is he playing better than he has in the past? Rich Gannon thinks not. Tony Gonzales thinks so.

I've observed this guy since day 1. I wanted the Niners to move on from him at times. I've written him off as a bust. But he won me back over playing for Harbaugh and in the playoff game against the Saints.

Here is the difference between Smith this year and before: weapons. He has Hunt, Kelce, and Hill. Who is the best receiver Smith's played with in the past? Michael Crabtree (a good #2, but not a deep threat), Anquan Boldin (a possession receiver), Jeremy Maclin (a solid #2, possession guy), Dwyane Bowe (should be a #2). The real difference is Hill - a guy that puts the defense on their heels. A true threat. Smith has NEVER had a receiver of that caliber before. Let's see what he does with it.

As for Smith's so called poor play in the playoffs. His record is 2-4, but his QB rating is higher than Tom Brady and top 10 all time.

Game 1 - Win. Niners-Saints. Smith led a receiver less Niners team to two major scores in a shootout against the Saints. One of my favorite victories of the Harbaugh era.

Game 2 - Loss. Niners-Giants in the NFC Championship. This was a rough game in OT against the eventual Super Bowl champions where the punt returner botched the kick. Smith did have multiple opportunities to drive the team down to victory and failed, but we literally had no receivers against a very strong Giants defense. If Williams doesn't botch the punt, maybe the Niners win the Super Bowl that year.

Game 3 - Loss. Kansas City-Colts. 45-44. Smith played out of his mind this game. He looked exactly the same as he did in the New England game. It was the Kansas City defense that collapsed against Andrew Luck. I mean, look at the score. He lead the offense to 44 points and don't forget: they lost Jamal Charles in this game, their best offensive player at the time. Watch the tape. Arguably the best Smith has ever played.

Game 4 - Win. Kansas City-Houston. The score was 30-0. He didn't need to do anything.

Game 5 - Loss. Kansas City - New England. Smith-Reid gets out dueled by Brady and Belichick and lose by a touchdown. It's happened to everyone.

Game 6 - Loss. Kansas City - Pittsburgh. First possession, KC looked great and then their game plan seemed to disappear the rest of the game. Still, Smith lead the team down to a game tying TD / 2 pt conversion which got negated by a penalty. I think the game plan was bad in this one, but Smith played respectable, but not great.

I see his playoff record as playing two great games, one serviceable victory, and three so-so games that he kept his team in there against good teams, but lost. Hardly an embarrassing resume.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

I Expect We'll Be Seeing More of This

"I moved from a blue state to a red state and it changed my life."

It's basic math. Lower cost of living, better, more livable communities. Not a single person in California thinks the place works despite having the best natural resources on the planet and profitable industries.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Universal Health Care A Myth

Here's why: people with good insurance don't want to give it up. And why should they?
Democrats Need Ideas, Not Colors


It's actually a rather primitive and arguably racist way of viewing people to suggest all POC will see the world and vote the same way. Huckers in these communities try to force this upon people to their own political gain and shame POC who deviate from the tribal norms. But this is a shell game and individuals will rebel from it when better offers are on the table.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Alex Smith

Expects to be on a new team next year.

Would it surprise you if that team gets between 10-12 wins and into the playoffs? Me, either.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Give Them What They Ask For

Kaepernick can't get out of the news because the culture won't let him. I'm tired of hearing about the injustice. But since it's only football, I have a suggestion: give them what they want. I'd LOVE-LOVE-LOVE at this point to see Kap get signed on a team. Let it become the media circus it's destined to be. Let him get back on the field and start misreading defenses and throwing INTs and leading whatever team picks him up to a lousy, pathetic record. I'm hoping it'd shut people up in a relatively low stakes situation. I just wouldn't wish it on a team I personally cared about.