Thursday, January 02, 2014

If I Bet On Sports...

Several weeks ago, my big bet was Carolina at 65-1 to win the Super Bowl.  I didn't think they could win, but I would have put $20 on it and hedged it all the way out.  So, like in middle school where you get a fake 20,000 to put into stocks, I'm doing my fake playoff betting:

1.  Carolina $20 at 65-1 to win Super Bowl.

Since I see no clear favorite, I'm opting for higher payout potential.

2.  Kansas City - $20 at 15-1 to win the AFC.  (better value than the 30-1 Super Bowl because if they won the AFC, they'd be underdogs against any NFC team).
3.  Indianpolis - $20 at 30-1 to win the Super Bowl.  (at 12-1 to win the AFC, the Super Bowl is a better value bet).

All the wild card games are toss ups against the spread if you ask me.  I truly have no idea what's going to happen in any of them.  This is why I'm opting only for decent futures bets that I can later hedge or parlay.  Going into the semi-finals, I'll have 2 of 3 future bets still alive.

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