Tuesday, January 07, 2014

If I Bet On Sports...Week 2...

Now it gets interesting.

Total:  $180 (lost $20 on Chiefs)

Outstanding bets:

Carolina 65 to 1 to win Super Bowl
Indianapolis 15 to 1 to win AFC

This week's bets:

1.  Hedging Indy by betting New England and giving 7 points - betting $20.

(I could get middled here, but I don't like how much I have to pay on the moneyline.  I stupidly like the Colts in a close game.)

2.  Hedging Carolina by betting Niners moneyline - betting $26 to win $20 back.

Going with all underdogs because I think they CAN win.

3.  New Orleans and the 7.5 points against Seattle - $20
4.  San Diego and the 10 points against Denver - $20

If Carolina or Indy win, my futures bet will hopefully pay off in some way.

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