Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Facebook Sued and Snowden

Facebook sued because they sell private data to advertisers.

I was listening to Left, Right, and Center today and they were talking about the Edward Snowden leaks.  Continenti mae some good points:

1.  If Snowden's act was true civil disobedience, he would accept the consequences of his data release, and go to jail.  Instead, he runs off to Russia like a pussy and does this slow-motion leaking of data to remain in the public eye (or some other bizarro reason).

2.  The meta-data the US government is PROVIDED by people.  The government isn't recording conversations in living rooms without our knowledge or following us around and figuring out who we meet up with.  They are collecting and sifting through cell phone data (which you know is tracked if you ever look at your cell phone bill), your Facebook, and Google, and websearches, etc, all of which WE KNOW IS BEING LOOKED AT AND COLLECTED.  I'm a huge proponent of privacy rights, but I don't think you are entitled to make Facebook posts and then get pissed off when people look at them.  And cell phones - no one forced any of us to use cell phones - that's a choice - and you can deduce by the very basics of the technology, they aren't exactly secure.  So...you want privacy, close the window shades.  Stop using Facebook and Google.  No one's forcing you to.

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