Friday, November 13, 2015

Signs of a Fascist

1. Humorlessness

2. Sensitive

3. Easily "Offended"

4. Destructive (ie, wants people to be fired, put in jail, moved, hurt, etc.)

5. Bad Taste in Art

6. Not Well Read

7. No Sense of Irony

8. Makes Demands

9. Dislikes Halloween

10. Uses Big Words with Confusing or No Meanings

11. Has Not Read the Constitution Carefully, Nor Plans To

12. Does Not Believe in Freedom of Speech

13. Does Not Build Things

14. Prone to Crying

15. Is Not Fun to Be Around

16. Thinks of Self as a Victim

17. Cannot Distinguish Between the Private Realm and the Public Realm

18. Unable to Distinguish Between the World of Adults and World of Children

19. Cannot Separate the Art from the Artist

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