Friday, November 27, 2015


Film: Creed

Why oh why did I get suckered into this one? I knew it wouldn't be good...just knew it...but thought the idea was so great that perhaps the movie could overcome a not very good writer/director. The old axiom remains unbroken that a good filmmaker can make a bad movie, but a bad filmmaker cannot make a good movie. And I don't mean Ryan Coogler is an awful director - he can use the camera and show flashes of talent. I just think he doesn't have much dramatic sense for story or drama and like in Fruitvale Station, Creed has a number of nonsensical dramatic elements peppered throughout. A quick list:

1. The girlfriend stomping off in anger when she finds out Michael B Jordan is Apollo Creed's son.

2. Rocky lying about his cancer and MJ finding a brochure about it in his pocket.

3. MJ running through the streets with bikers chasing after him

In fact, the movie could almost do entirely without the love story or the Rocky having cancer because neither of these elements amount to anything dramatic whatsoever.

Other thoughts:

1. I don't find Michael B. Jordan very compelling. Still his best role to date is Vince in Friday Night Lights as part of a TV ensemble.

2. The first fight scene was better shot than the last fight scene.

3. Opening scene/set up was terrific.

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