Monday, November 16, 2015

Re-Evaluation of the Chiefs

I thought the KC Chiefs were done this year when they lost consecutive games to the Bears and Vikings to become 1-5. But let's look back and analyze the games in light beating the first place Broncos, the Bronco QB situation falling apart, and the Vikings and Bears suddenly revealing themselves to be playoff contenders.

1. Houston - W -  KC was up 27-0 at halftime and looked like a Super Bowl contender. A bad sign was the final score only being 27-20.

2. Denver - L - KC was ahead by 14 and then totally fell apart and lost on the Jamal Charles fumble.

3. Green Bay - L - they lost to Green Bay in Lambeau without their best corner. No shame.

4. Cincy - L - to arguably the best team in football

At this point, they should've been 2-2, but instead were 1-3 to three undefeated teams. Not the end of the world.

5. Chicago - L - blew the game against the Bears when their best player (Charles) gets injured. This result sort of ruled the Chiefs out of the playoffs, but now, the Bears are looking a lot better than everyone thought.

6. Minnesota - L - sent them to 1-5, but now Minnesota is looking like they might be good enough to win their division.

This 1-5 stretch, while bad, now tends to look like an incredibly tough schedule. Then,

7. Steelers - W - sure, all they did was beat Landry Jones, but still, the Steelers aren't bad.

8. Detroit - W - embarrassed them

9. Denver - W - embarrassed them and ruined Peyton's night

Now they're 4-5 with an easier stretch of schedule. They have the Raiders twice and if they can win those games (not easy), they have a good shot at the playoffs. But then again, every time you get your hopes up with the Chiefs, you are bound to be let down.

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