Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I actually think this is a brilliant idea to de-congest Los Angeles: building tons of tunnels around the city for cars in congested areas. A tunnel from downtown to Santa Monica would totally free up the 10 freeway. In fact, I trumpeted the idea in this blog maybe 8 years ago.

I skimmed the LA Curbed critique which says the idea is bonkers because a) It's big b) it will be met with resistance 3) fossil fuels

Well, I think Americans and Angelinos are capable of big projects if they make sense. And this makes sense. LA is a driving city. It seems to me way more absurd to think we would transform a 65 year history of being a driving city by building a subway or streetcars. How many people in LA would actually live near a subway stop? It's not an answer. Tunnels and faster buses if you ask me. I like the Metro, but it will always be a limited option here.

A de-congested Los Angeles with more land to build homes because of quicker, easier access around the city might make LA the best city in the world. As for the fossil fuels - telecommute.

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