Saturday, November 07, 2015


Restaurants: Providence and Belcampo Meat Company

Providence is probably the best restaurant I've ever been to. A truly special place. Fixed price menu. We got the most simple, four-five courser and it was still incredibly filling. Not cheap, but well worth it for a special occasion. They made a great gin martini as well.

Belcampo Meat Company might be the best cheeseburger in a town with a number of great cheeseburgers. My three favorites used to be: In and Out, Five Guys, and Father's Office. Now, my two favorites are Plan Check and Belcampo Meat Company.

Movies: Trainwreck and Bone Tomahawk

Trainwreck is the best movie Judd Apatow has directed. Like most of his movies, it went on too long for my taste and got needlessly sappy. But the first hour is great. I'd heard through the grapevine LeBron was good, but I thought he was a bit of a torpedo in the film. John Cena was the standout small performance.

Bone Tomahawk takes awhile to get going, but was quite gripping by the end. Great bad guys. But overall, the directing was unimpressive. The frame felt empty and too often static. The casting was okay. Still, I enjoyed it. Glad for the change of pace. Thought -- for those who talk about no difference between film and digital, I offer up this movie as a discussion point. I don't know this for a fact, but I imagine they shot digitally because the sunlight was too blown out throughout the film. Film would've looked considerably better on all the exteriors even without much DP expertise.

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