Tuesday, November 22, 2011


On the Great Work Divide:

It suddenly occurred to me that this is a standard feature of the work lives of blue state elites: almost all of their contact is with people just like them. Same education, usually the same few states of origin, and a pretty uniformly shared set of values about what work is for and how it should be done.

These people tend to vote Democratic. Small-business owners, who work in much more diverse environments, tend to vote Republican. I'm not going to speculate on why this might be so--but I suspect that it matters.

It is very true and unfortunate. I've had a few work experiences in my life mixing it up with folks from different backgrounds. I always found it rewarding. This is a truer form of diversity, if you ask me, than mere racial make up, which we blue state people seem to value without thinking.

This whole sham of "diversity" in colleges and the workplace is a costless chimera that allows the powerful to do-nothing about class issues or improving equality of opportunity.

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