Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Paterno got fired. This is absurd...not much different from a witch hunt. Paterno did nothing, as far as I can tell, wrong. He is being accused of "not doing enough about this child molester." What was he supposed to do? Arrest the man, try him in court, and put him in jail? The guy is a football coach. According to the ESPN story, he didn't even know the guy had raped someone and thought he had been caught "fondling." So he reported up the chain of command. Now all the self-righteous media people have got the nation up in a fury about a moral obligation to do more. What exactly? What is this standard we are suddenly inventing as a nation that powerful, respected people are supposed to be? Superheroes?

Here is what is happening -- people are freaked out and irrational about child molestation and rape. It is the most horrific thing we can all imagine. It sickens us. And it is making us behave irrationally toward anyone who in theory could have prevented it. But they didn't know. So we have this outpouring of anger towards Paterno. Why? There is not a similar anger towards the child molester who actually did the crimes. Why not? Because people don't give a freaking shit about the victims or the crime or anything. They give a shit about the "story" and they like the irony of squeaky clean Jo Pa being morally negligent. And they are out for blood. This moralizing is disgusting, especially because everyone knows one week from now the story will be over and we'll all be on to something else. Meanwhile, the same "outraged" people will just return to their every day lives and not spend one single moment of their own personal energy or money to help stop child molestation or the victims of such crimes and will just go on reading their freaking newsfeeds and checking facebook status updates. What a bunch of vultures.

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