Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Cain on China

Que? My problem with normally astute libertarian writers is they start to make strange justifications for incompetence.

"..concludes that Cain could not possibly have not known that China is a nuclear power. I say “wastes more time” because that’s what it is. Cain needs to learn to speak more clearly and authoritatively on foreign policy questions than he has so far. No one would have given a second look at that China quote if he hadn’t already shown a disturbing tendency to not know how to answer even the most basic questions about 101-level issues."

Dude - the guy didn't know China had nukes. I'm more qualified in the field of foreign policy than Herm Cain. That makes him a laughably bad candidate to be President. I suppose it is fun to support this type of candidate to have something to talk about, but please, people.

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