Tuesday, November 22, 2011


TV: PBS Documentary on Woody Allen

I recorded the first part and watched the 2nd part last night. Quite a good profile on the man. My favorite part was when he talked about Cannes. He basically says "It's all bullshit. Everyone wants to love you and your movie. But none of it is real. You can't believe anyone. They all lie." He is talking about the heaps of praise and the red carpet and the whole celebration of film. Woody holds himself up to a higher standard - he's always trying to make a "great" movie and his reason for his high work rate is that he figures if he produces a lot of stuff, he has better odds of making a great movie. This, I imagine, is the key to his success as a filmmaker. It goes without saying, he is a comic genius and a man of great natural talent. But his refusal to accept the excessive praise, or his ability to compartmentalize the bashing of his unsuccessful films or the Soon Yi controversy, is they key to plugging along. A worthy lesson for all of us.

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