Friday, December 13, 2013

Pick of the Week

Nine home underdogs in the betting lines this week!  A home dog's dream come true.

I am fascinated by the Niners-Tampa Bay game.  This is a real test of how someone views the world.  In the study of history, the two major schools can basically be broken down into:  1)  Historical Movements or 2)  The Great Man theory.  In the "Historical Movement" school, great big complicated forces move history and men and women are largely products of their time and their actions exist and matter only in the context and relationship to this larger forces at work.  So, for instance, the American Civil War can be viewed as the inevitable clash between the realities of Southern slavery with the values espoused in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, combined with economic and social forces coming to a head at that particular moment.  In the "Great Man" theory of history, individual people shape history by their choices and actions in a particular moment.  You would view the American Civil War as the result of Lincoln's attitudes toward slavery mixed with his political skill and/or the follies of the Southern Leadership and the conduct of the war more about major choices made by Generals, etc.

The Niners-Tampa game is a classic "trap" game for the Niners.  Coming off a big, emotional win against Seattle, they have to travel cross country for a 10am game against a sneaky good Tampa Bay team.  On the flipside is Harbaugh.  Harbaugh does not lose games against bad teams.  The Niners are rarely unprepared (except, oddly, in the Super Bowl, NFC Championship game last year and against Seattle in Seattle -- although I attribute those to nerves rather than lack of prep).  So...the question you believe in trends (ie trap games) or individuals (Harbaugh's ability to keep his team focused)?

Right now, I lean toward individuals and am picking Harbaugh.

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