Sunday, December 22, 2013


Arizona beats Seattle.  I can't tell whether this is good or bad for the Niners.  On the one hand, dealing a loss to our archrivals at home is good.  Punctures their balloon (and I believe Seattle is a bubble just waiting to burst with their overly aggressive defense that holds and pass interferes almost every play and their systematic use of major PEDs).  On the other hand, this leaves Arizona in a position to still knock the Niners out of the playoffs and to make the already competitive NFC West even more competitive.  There could be three 11 win teams!  And the Rams are no slouches either - they might even get to .500.

Maybe the best thing out of it is a model to contain Russell Wilson.  I've always thought you need to design a defense to not let him out of the pocket and use the large arms of defensive to cut down his vision and throwing lanes.  I didn't watch the whole game, but whatever Arizona did should be repeated.

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