Friday, December 20, 2013


Interesting discussion on Kobe's contract on the Brian Windhorst podcast with Chuck Klosterman.  Hat tip, Andy.

Klosterman brings up some good points about the state of the NBA and how much talk is centered around the finances and the friendships of the players and the behind-the-scenes maneuvering.  I tend to agree with him that I find all these topics unappealing, yet, a major part of the conversation.  You can thank fantasy sports.

They frame the overall discussion in an interesting way -- and how the NBA is now a players league and the NFL is a management league -- and what that means to whom.  Just an all-in-all interesting talk.

Regarding Kobe's contract - and now he's injured again - I sense most people are just disposed to liking or disliking it based on how they feel about Kobe already.  I'm not a fan and it's been well documented on the blog.  I think the contract is stupid, above all else, gives the Lakers little chance to win in the next couple years.  Whether Kobe deserves the money -- I sort of don't particularly care -- and the question almost doesn't seem all that relevant.  I think Kobe's been a master of self-promotion over the years and has an almost cult-like following.  I think he's the most overrated of the major stars in any sport.

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