Sunday, December 01, 2013


Returned from my trip and vegged out watching NFL today.  A few thoughts:

Niners are looking pretty good.  They need to start scoring touchdowns rather than field goals to be elite, but their defense is stronger than last year and with Crabtree back, the passing game has opened up.  Let's see if Joe Staley will be okay - losing a left tackle is a major problem.  Kaepernick is still limited in his understanding of defenses and his progressions, but if we dominate other aspects of the game, we are looking good.  But can we beat Seadderal?

Kansas City has apparently forgot how to rush the passer.  They don't get any pressure on Manning and the Broncos will score 30+ every time if you don't pressure him.  What happened?  It didn't help that their offense dropped about 6 passes, either.  But this team isn't built for shootouts.  They have some decent offensive weapons - Jamal Charles is a top tier back and they have two other running back type weapons - McCluster and Hill (or something) - who are quite good.  They have Bowe, a good possession receiver, and Smith is a good QB.  He was hitting on passes all around the field today, but his guys were dropping too many balls.  He made one costly interception early in the game, but that's not why they lost.  They lost because they couldn't pressure Manning.  They need a tight end and a big play receiver to improve offensively.  But their defense has become a weakness all of a sudden.

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