Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Generally Speaking, Not A Good Move

Tila Tequila expresses sympathy for Hitler and suspects Paul Walker was murdered.

I've yet to see the "Hitler was misunderstood" move work effectively.  I suppose she wants a little attention, so it works for a moment, but she should have consulted with Lars Von Trier before going on her Facebook rant.  (I'd watch that conversation)

Tia:  Lars, I've been thinking:  Hitler was misunderstood.
Lars:  I sympathize with him in the bunker.
Tia:  Bunker?
Lars:  Who are you?  My did my agents set this up?
Tia:  I'm a myspace star in a Facebook era.
Lars:  I am a filmmaker.
Tia:  We have much in common, then.  I'm thinking of posting a picture of myself dressed as a Nazi outside Auschwitz on Facebook.
Lars:  What's Facebook?
Tia:  I love you.
Lars:  You have an interesting face.  Have you considered acting?
Tia:  I value my privacy too much.
Lars:  You're perfect.  How do you feel about being subjected to abuse?
Tia:  I'm fine with it recreationally.
Lars:  Do you have a problem with pedophilia?
Tia:  On the contrary, I'm in favor of it.
Lars:  Do you really believe in Nazism or is this a ruse?
Tia:  I just don't see what the big deal is -- it's not like anyone got hurt.
Lars:  On second thought, I have a better part for you.  I'm making a film about aliens.
Tia:  Perhaps we could co-write since I've recently been abducted.

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