Thursday, March 09, 2017

The IYI Crowd

Egg freezing for millenials.
Lisa Besserman, a 32-year-old tech startup founder who is considering freezing her eggs to focus on her career, says the idea of a millennial-focused “boutique” is more appealing than a clinic. She’s “on the fence” about whether she wants to be a mom, but knows for sure that she wants to preserve her options. “I would feel very bad to be in the same room as a woman trying desperately to get pregnant,” says Besserman, who splits her time between Buenos Aires and New York. “In a sense I would feel selfish to say, ‘I have the ability [to have kids], but I’m putting that on hold’ … that would really take a toll on me psychologically.” Right now, the only thing that distinguishes Besserman from the women she doesn’t want to upset is time. If and when she wants to use her eggs, she will have to undergo the same often nerve-racking experience many women struggling with infertility turn to: in vitro fertilization. But clinics like Extend allow their clients to temporarily suspend that reality.
A sign of being an IYI (intellectual, yet idiot) is to opt for the risky, expensive, and more complicated choice over the simple, time-tested one. In this case, that would be to make a decision like an adult (whether you want a family) and if so, find a good guy and settle down.

But hey, freedom...

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