Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Strange Article

In the LA Times today about a waiter asking a woman for "proof of residency."

It's basically a grievance piece about racism and the absolute terror someone of Mexican heritage must go through on a daily basis. The story - a waiter asked for their documentation - doesn't, to my mind, hold up to any scrutiny or common sense. Has a waiter ever asked anyone from documentation? Furthermore, should a waiter ask me for something ridiculous, my response would be, "Go get me a fucking glass a water." A waiter is not in any type of position of power. What is the problem here? Say this story were true (which I doubt) - does it basically amount to - "there was a waiter who was an idiot?" Is this news?

And lastly - just a thought - for those concerned with an abundance of racism against Mexican-Americans - wouldn't an orderly immigration HELP this issue? Wouldn't an improved immigration system that seemed to work, help alleviate the citizens concerns of living amongst illegal immigrants? Just a thought.

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