Tuesday, March 07, 2017


The Middlebury professor who was assaulted details the events on Facebook.

It's of note the people leading these protests refuse to read Murray. I suspect there is a subconscious aspect to all this political protesting - a dislike of reading and doing homework - but wanting what are the traditional "results" of doing the work - the intellectual validation of being "smart." There's a reason this all happens at colleges in an "intellectual" environment. And this trend - of not doing HW/reading - but also wanting the validation - was something going on back when I was in college. There was a certain type of student who was proud to write essays professors would give high marks to without having done the reading (or only skimmed it). I feel like not wanting to do work goes back to the beginning of time, but at least in the past, those who didn't do work took their gentleman "C's" and didn't complain about it. Nowadays, kids want to not do the work, but also get A's. That's the problem.

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