Thursday, March 30, 2017


Radical vs. Universal vs. Intersectional

The problem with feminism is similar to the problem with Islam. All the passion and energy of the movements are with the radical and fanatical. The main ideological battle is won. The majority of people in Western societies believe in gender equality. Perhaps there are still some marginal areas of improvement and dust up elements, but the lunatics are exploiting this trivial stuff to hijack the cause and are steering the agenda. And a good 25% of "feminists" refuse to acknowledge and speak out against this issue in some dusty old show of solidarity. Similarly, a good 25% of Muslims, while not fanatical or radical themselves, believe in solidarity with the radical elements and lean more towards them in their hearts than they do with liberal values. This, to me, is the battle of hearts and minds that need to be won. I don't consider losing an option here.

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