Sunday, November 06, 2016

Why Are Football Ratings Down?

A ton of reasons have been mentioned, but the whole "election" argument doesn't seem as strong given the World Series ratings were the highest of all time.

1. Kaepernick is annoying.

In the words of Dave Chappelle, sometimes I just want to read stats. Or, just watch a game. Social justice ideas are out there in the world. They aren't hard to find. If people are interested in them, they can find them. Social justice advoctates people want celebrities and famous people to promote their causes because they think celebrity will bring their causes attention. The problem is, they don't grasp WHY people are celebrities -- and it's precisely because they don't get on soapboxes and lecture. Kap WAS a celebrity because he was exciting to watch play football. Now that he sucks and talks out of his ass, should it be a surprise people are tuning out.

2. No Peyton Manning

This ought to be mentioned as a major factor. Manning was fun to watch play QB, even when his skills deteriorated because he knew the position and game so well.

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