Sunday, November 20, 2016

The End of Identity Politics

And good riddance. 

Hat tip, Viner.


Anonymous said...

"A predictable but still fascinating byproduct of the election is the emergence of a new sub-genre of discourse and literature solely comprised of White people attempting to explain Trump’s win without saying the words 'race' or 'racism.' Its almost as if they’re engaged in some sort of devolved, pre-racial game of Taboo."

Greg said...

ugh. that link was one of the uglier articles i've read in recent times and i don't recommend it to anyone reading. it's really condescending, racial, and off point. most importantly, it doesn't engage with reality. the original article tries to deal with the fact - yes, fact - that a ridiculous candidate like trump won the presidential election and the republicans took the house and the senate. this comes on the heels of america electing our first black president - a man, who despite not being able to claim many policy triumphs, remains quite popular amongst americans. and so his response to the original article is "SHUT THE FUCK UP" and to use made up terms like whitseplain, and to critique the writer for...being a white man? really, dude? this is how you make an argument? how about engaging with the arguments, making a thesis, and using facts to support a thesis? see, those of us living in the real world look at events and try to make logical sense of them. people with rational, adult minds really don't respond to ALL CAPS and being told to SHUT THE FUCK UP. but i suppose that's what internet comment sections are for.

whatever, i feel compelled to respond to this trolling because it's my blog, but i also recognize it is a dumb idea to get into a pissing match with skunks.