Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Slippery Slope of Language

When did middle school bullying and graffiti become "hate crimes?" I remember when I first heard the term "hate crime" when Tina Brandon was murdered for dressing up like a girl. It was supposed to be a special category of crimes that were somehow worse than other crimes (yet, I fail to see how murdering someone because they are gay/lgbt is somehow worse than murdering someone because they talked shit, or murdering a spouse, or so forth). Nevertheless, it was coined to deal with serious issues. Now, the idea of hate crimes are being used to categorize any foolish utterance or middle school bullying. Ridiculous.

Meanwhile, Paul Schraeder, writer of Taxi Driver advocates violence and taking up arms against Trump, comparing himself to John Brown.

Of course, a major difference would be John Brown was murdering folks to make a point against SLAVERY and Schraeder wants to murder people because of...graffiti...being called a "cuck"...and enforcing immigration policy. I'd be surprised if he found much support.

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