Friday, November 18, 2016


Would've voted for Trump and "thinks black people should stop focusing on racism."



Anonymous said...

Where's your outrage about Kanye not voting? Guess you don't care since he's not Colin K.

And what happens after Black people stop "focusing on racism?" I'd really like to hear you're theory. And your perspective on Black people, non-Black person.

Greg said...

I have no outrage at Colin K not voting. In fact, it pleases me when idiots don't vote because it makes my vote count more. My outrage is directed towards his bad quarterbacking, not being able to read defenses, ruining my football franchise, and kneeling for the national anthem - not because he cares a lick about "social justice" - but because he's a naive dude going through an identity crisis and the media is confusing this with being an important political statement (which it is not). I know very little about Kanye other than he seems to be in a happy marriage and a few of his songs are pretty good. And he said something I happen to agree with.

What happens when Americans stop focusing on racism? Hopefully, they find joy and happiness in their lives. I wish this for all.

Greg said...

And here's a counter: what happens when America starts to focus on race, or racial equality more? What happens then? My theory: the same unintended consequences that happen with all result-oriented thinking.