Monday, January 18, 2016


Chiefs got outclassed the Pats. My biggest gripe with the performance was the Chiefs inability to get a pash rush (supposedly one of their strengths) against an utterly predictable Pats offense.

The Chiefs needed a big turnover type of play and to the Pats credit, they didn't make any mistakes. Or, they needed Alex Smith to outplay Brady, which he didn't. It was made particularly hard without Maclin.

In the end, the Chiefs injuries hurt them more than the Pats -- Maclin and Houston. The bye week helped.

Smith played like Smith. Solid, but not spectacular. He missed a few throws and couldn't get them into the end zone early. He made some awesome plays with his feet. He needed a big turnover from the defense or a stifling overall effort.

Actually, if early on the Chiefs D stopped the Pats on some of those 3rd and long plays, the game would've been closer down the stretch.

This was the only game I watched because I'm tired of football.

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