Sunday, January 24, 2016


Broncos getting to Brady and know they aren't running. Why couldn't KC do this?

UPDATE: Meant to post regarding the Manning PED story earlier. Normally, I'm prone not believing athletes when it comes to PED related stories. Except in this case. I'm not a huge Manning fan, but I believe the guy has quite a bit of integrity. Perhaps this is pure bias because of his personality, but also because the sharp deterioration of his physicality over time coincides with my understanding of aging. Whereas guys like Bonds or Arod, I'm less inclined to believe.

UPDATE 2: 4th and 1 after a lousy run call - Denver should have gone for it. Actually, they should have put in a jumbo package with a plan to go for it on 4th when it was 3rd and 1...and take two shots at pushing it through. IMO.

UPDATE 3: Every time I've seen the Broncos D play this year they look really good.

UPDATE 4: Listening to sports radio post game and a couple things:

a) Gostkowski was taking the blame for the loss. This is pretty ridiculous. Sure, he missed an extra point, but it was in the first half. It had little bearing on the game. The story of the game was the Broncos pass rush putting Brady under intense pressure all day and the Pats only putting up 18 points.

b) Of interesting note, the Pats were doing the silent count all game and apparently it becomes harder to coordinate keeping the defense off balance with the silent count. This can partially explain why Denver was getting such a good jump on the rush whereas Kansas City was not.

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