Sunday, January 24, 2016


Film: The Hateful Eight

Pre-intermission, I was really enjoying the movie. Post-intermission was probably the worst hour of filmmaking in Tarantino's ouvre. Most disappointing to me, I think his writing is slipping. The entire Channing Tatum element of the film felt like the guy wrote himself into a corner, had no way to get out, was too lazy to fix it, and just went backwards into a totally different and uninteresting story.

Tarantino's use violence is getting increasingly less humorous and more grotesque, which I don't like. Also, his casting is becoming too predictable and repetitive. I love Walt Goggins, but he's better in Justified than any of his Tarantino roles...

Although he needs a new Christoph Waltz or Sam Jackson, what he needs even more is a new John Travolta.

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