Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Yes, This Is A Problem

Has ESPN just jumped the shark? I've been thinking this recently since I go to the site way less than I used to. First, they spun off Grantland. Then, they fired Simmons. And in the meanwhile, they started putting up video EVERYWHERE. You can't go to the site without your computer starting to talk in that annoying Sportscenter tone. Don't get me wrong -- I like Sportscenter -- on Sunday nights for football highlights, and just towards the end of the night in general. Not in the morning or during the day. I like newspaper articles. I like thoughts, recaps, not amped up wannabe jocks talking. Anyhow, ESPN has become - how can I put this - increasingly annoying.

And now - I go there to read about the NBA finals and what is the front cover story? Something about a 19-year old video gamer.


Did I just transport into a Robert Heinlein or Orson Scott Card novel?

Let me say this once and be done: playing video games is not a sport.

Maybe the nerds are mad everyone has taken over their play space (the internet) and the revenge is the cosmic punishment is comic book movies and video game tournaments. If so, I concede. The nerds can have the internet back and have their dungeons and dragons. But please...leave sports alone. Please. Please. Please.

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