Monday, June 08, 2015

NBA Finals

Could LeBron win the MVP even if the Cavs lose? This is a legitimate question. I mean, the stat line last night was ridiculous 39-16-11. But watching the game...I mean it seemed like the guy literally made every single offensive possession work for the Cavs. He was the point guard, shooting guard, power forward. I know he missed his last seven shots and again failed to score on the final possession. Does it matter? The man has turned into a monster. He doesn't seem to care about missing "clutch shots" now. He simply keeps going. It felt like LeBron willed his team to victory yesterday over a vastly superior opponent. The Cavs have taken on the identity of those gritty Detroit Pistons team, or even the Paul Pierce/KG Celtics. They were just grinding the Warriors into pulp last night. They figured out a way to make the series into a slug fest and I wonder if the Warriors can figure a way out of it. Dellavedova was a pest on Curry. I thought he did what I was thinking Patrick Beverly would've done to him had he been healthy. I like the strategy almost better than Kyre trying to match Curry on offense.

Before the series, a lot of LA talk radio was LeBron vs. Kobe. I don't remember Kobe ever putting together two games like LeBron just did. I don't remember Kobe losing his 2 and 3 and winning an NBA finals game on the road.

Side note: One point about LeBron vs. Kobe vs. Michael in the clutch. I realized something after watching these games that no one seems to mention with regard to clutchness at the end of games: endurance. Michael and Kobe are lean basketball players and probably less fatigued at the end of games relative to a guy of LeBron's size. In game one, he pulled up when he should've drove, a sure sign of fatigue. LeBron carries 30-50 extra pounds than Michael or Kobe and while that provides some advantages (posting, rebounding), it also provides some disadvantages: fatigue at the end of games. It could account for the perception LeBron is not as good at the end as those guys.

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