Sunday, June 28, 2015

Gay Marriage Decision: Absurd

I support gay marriage and find the Supreme Court case utterly absurd. The decision is clearly political and not legal in nature. The Supreme Court has merely checked the winds and determined the country is "ready for gay marriage," as if they were running a movie studio and now know what the public wants and is ready for. Our system of laws was designed to be flexible and change with the times. We have a process designed to handle such changes, a process every 7th grader learns (or should learn) about turning a bill into a law. 30 plus states have already done this. Gay Marriage is winning as a political issue and the court has jumped onto the bandwagon and now will compel society to change at the rate the court deems acceptable. I'd hate to have a minority conviction these days in a country of 350 plus million where the courts decide the law based upon which way the political winds blow.


Nate said...

I wouldn't say your position is without merit, but replace gay marriage with school desegregation in your paragraph and see how it reads. Would you have told black kids in the south to just hold on, be patient, we are winning this issue and your state will come around eventually. I mean, the court has always weighed in on issues that it feels are core human rights- it's not just political winds.

Greg said...

a super late response on this, but i'd the long history of southern states willful disregard of african american rights from slavery to jim crow made school desegregation a much different and specific issue. if for 150 years gay marriage was legal in the majority of states and 95% of all countries had already legalized it, and there were still a few hold out regions in the united states, i could see the courts having grounds for interpreting (or imposing) a legal solution where there was long term political failure. i don't see gay marriage the same way. let's acknowledge this is a relatively new political issue and people are getting accustomed to idea -- not just in the US, but all around the world. and i believe with new ideas legal imposition probably isn't the best way to create strong, long term political consensus.