Monday, June 08, 2015


Film: Once Upon A Time in Anatolia, Ip Man

My exploration of Ceylan continues. Anatolia is good, albeit slow and not one I could recommend to many people, even lovers of Winter's Sleep.

Ip Man had great kung fu, but a soapy and lame script. It also happens to be the exact same story as Wong Kar Wai's The Grandmaster.

TV: Game of Thrones, ep. 8 and 9 season 5

The most action packed episodes of the season. I enjoyed both. People are disturbed by the Shireen death and I am too. But it is unquestionably good storytelling and of course, has antecedents in the bible - ie Abraham and Isaac story.

The most WTF moment for me was the Sons of the Harpy showing up and nearly ending Daenerys. Didn't the Harpies stop their insurrection upon the opening of the fighting pits? Weren't they controlled, or at least influenced, by the guy she married? Didn't marrying him put a stop to their insurgency? And then the go massacre a bunch of masters, including the dude she was going to marry, and nearly knock her off? I'm totally confused about who controls those guys and I've read the freaking books.

Also, the merging of Tyrion and Daenerys provides some strange moments. It's almost confusing whose POV we are with. Tyrion gets totally lost in the scene and his comments feel tacked on. Ending on him looking up at the dragon didn't carry the awe I think it was supposed to. Nevertheless, the episode was chock full of good stuff and has propulsiveness to where I'm excited about seeing what happens in the finale...

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