Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sports Thoughts...

1. Joe Montana never cheated.

2. Seemed like Memphis was getting hacked to pieces down low during the first half of game 4 and the refs simply weren't calling the fouls. I could hear Marc Gasol get slapped while watching TV and they didn't call it.

3. Jeff Green is totally unreliable and seems to shrink from the moment.

4. James Harden has a lot of trouble against the Clippers. I'm not sure why. Does Doc draw up some really good defense? Or is it just DeAndre Jordan makes it hard to finish at the basket.

5. ESPN firing Bill Simmons in the midst of NBA playoffs seems to be a vindictive and dumb move by both sides.

6. If I played in the NBA, I'd want to be on Memphis. I love how they play.

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