Monday, May 18, 2015


TV: Game of Thrones, ep. 5 and Mad Men Finale

I'm a little worried about Game of Thrones. As I said last week, I think DD (as you'll see Benioff and Weiss referred to on nerd GOT forums) have done a terrific job of paring the books down to the show and with casting. But there is no proof, or even suggestion, they can come up with creative and artful ways to tell the stories and deliver the twists and turns of GRRM. Last night was full of this stuff. I dread watching the Arya stuff. The Sansa-Ramsey scene was brutal and a bit too much, if you ask me. I actually liked the fighting scene in Dorne, but those Sand Snakes physically don't match up. If there were ever an anti-feminist moment in the show, watching these little girls play fighting was it. Although, I liked the detail of Bronn getting cut. That might be lights out for Bronn for those who pay close attention and know Oberyn poisons his weapons. I'm just worried and feel like the pieces aren't adding up and the show is getting a little predictable - strange as that sounds - since they are actually veering off story-wise.

Mad Men. I haven't watched in years, but I thought it'd be fun to watch the finale. The show just isn't for me, but I do have a quibble with those who contend "this is the best show or TV or the best drama ever written." I don't see it. At all. It's soppy melodrama and John Hamm doesn't do emotional well. The scene with January Jones and John Hamm on the phone was pretty tough to stomach. Peggy realizing she is love reminded me of a cartoon fairy tale for children.

The best parts were Roger's quips and the one really good moment when Joan's beau leaves. In some respects, maybe Roger and Joan were always the best part of the show.

I totally didn't understand the Coke ending, but just read that supposedly Don came up with this iconic ad campaign. I thought the ending was that Don finds Buddism. I suppose the idea that he came up with the idea makes more sense, but was I supposed to give a flying shit about a 70s Coke campaign that seems dated and cheesy? Maybe ultimately that's the problem with the show: I don't give a flying shit about advertising campaigns.

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