Thursday, May 14, 2015

Memphis-Golden State

Golden State overwhelmed Memphis yesterday. GS is a funny team. My impression is that they can easily blow you out, but if you keep the game close and physical, they are vulnerable. They can get jittery and frustrated when the shots aren't falling.

Without Tony Allen, Memphis only has three real ballers and one of them, Z-Bo is past his prime. Conley is injured, but effective, and Gasol is elite. Courtney Lee is okay. Jeff Green does not play to his potential. I find him very frustrating to watch. Yesterday they need him badly. They needed him to take the ball to the hoop and create offense. He tried, but kept missing at the basket. They need him, Conley, Lee, or someone to knock down the outside shots that become available when doubling Gasol and Z-Bo.

I like Memphis a lot, but their offense let them down yesterday and GS was hot enough.

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