Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Sons of the Harpy

Best episode yet of this season. Highly entertaining and exciting. I really hope Barristan the Bold is alive. Given the nature of Game of Thrones death scenes, which tend to be definitive, stopping short of getting his neck sliced seems to indicate the man will live to see another day. And shit, I just want to see the old man swing the sword some more.

A few qualms: tiny bit weird that the Faith Militant so quickly become this powerful entity in Kings Landing. I'd imagine Tyrell guards and Loras himself ought to be able to kick their asses, especially given this was the same army that threw back Stannis at the Blackwater. And speaking of Stannis, I imagine others will start to join team Stannis (which I've been on since the beginning) after that scene with his daughter. But knowing how GOT operates, the scene has me worried. It means they are thinking off doing something awful to Stannis and he gets this high moment before the "fall." Also, Melisandre showing off her boobs to Jon Snow also suggests they are setting up Stannis for a fall.

Last note, it also seems they are setting up R+L=J given the multiple mentions of Rhaegar in the episode.

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