Saturday, October 08, 2016

A Local Story

Caught this story in my local newspaper that comes with the Saturday LA Times. A man killed by cops after getting tasered. When you read the story, the incident makes sense. And while it's sad someone died, maybe it wasn't the greatest idea by him to attack the police. Or for his brother to pull a gun on the cops. Nevertheless, one wonders why this is a local story rather than a national one that garners protests by NFL players. You tell me.

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Steph! said...

What kind of an answer are you looking for here? Are you longing to hear someone say it isn't fair because he's White? Or to say that the national conversation should include conversations about non-Black people who are killed by police? (Hint: It already does.)

I'm trying so hard to figure out your angle. You started to answer your own question about Binkley's death in your 4th and 5th sentences, but now I'm wondering if you really believe this case is the same as the cases people are protesting?

Yes, this man's death was the result of police action... but you don't even mention that this case involved a taser. Not a gun. Did you miss that part? It's pretty unusual for a non-lethal tactic to result in a fatality... but the officers that night still used a non-lethal option. You seem to say above that this case should be equated with the more high-profile police killings of unarmed men such as Philando Castile or Oscar Grant. Do you even see the distinction?

You're right, it's a shame someone died, but you conclude your post by once again talking about NFL protests.

Are you really unable to see anything in a nuanced way? Do you just post whatever pops in your head without really thinking about it first?