Saturday, December 12, 2015


Dinesh D'Souza eviscerates an Amherst social justice advocate.

He persuasively points out several things: On the issue of conquest and ill gotten wealth from the past, he suggests we have two options to deal with this:

1. Equal rights and protection under the law, which is the point of the Civil Rights Movement and basically says, "stop the unfairness" going forward.

2. Rectifying past wrongs. Doing a calculus of history and figuring out who stole what from whom and trying to redistribute.

The social justice warrior advocates number 2 and D'Souza asks the kid a few questions:

1. Are you a product of privilege? Kids says yes.

2. What have you done to give up that privileges for others? The kid says he tutored other kids in high school.

D'Souza asks why he doesn't give up his position at Amherst for a disadvantaged, unprivileged person? The kid hems and haws and D'Souza goes in for the kill. He says, "Amherst IS privilege." And all the social justice warriors want to take other people's privilege and hand it out to others, but they won't give up their own.

And he's absolutely right, which makes clear why their positions are unpersuasive.

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