Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Film: Star Wars The Force Awakens

If I'm to understand the film correctly, if fricking R2-D2 would've just woken up, all that destruction could've been avoided.

But seriously, the first hour or so was entertaining (not good), and then the last hour was the exact same plot as the first Star Wars. I'm trying to figure out the proper analogy, and I'm debating whether it was like going to a Rolling Stones concert in 2015 where they play their greatest hits, seeing a Rolling Stones cover band in 2015 play their greatest hits, or watching a Rolling Stones cover band play their own original music.

I also want to point out to anyone who thinks I'm a bitter hater, there was a significant part in the film where a character is sticking his hand out toward another character's head and trying very hard to extract information from inside that head. The other character is trying very hard not to let this person extract information from her head. I imagine if this was written in some type of spec script or shot in a student film, the moment would garner jeers and laughter. I feel it important to point this out this occurred in what will be the highest grossing film of all time. And then it makes me ponder whether there is any cultural relevance to that honor.

Update: Found this review, which is considerably better put that mine.

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